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Ⅰ. Some clients of our company in Beijing
1. Beijing Telecom

(1)Yongfeng IDC, the largest in Asia right now. High voltage generator set KOHLER 10KV 2000KVA, 16 in total; American YORK water chilling set, the largest one of a single system is 10000RT; American BAC ice thermal storage system, the largest one of a single system is 34200RTh.

(2)Other IDC engine rooms, 19 low voltage generator set KOHLER 400V 2000KVA in total, 2 KOHLER 400V 1600KVA in total.

2. All IDC engine rooms of Beijing Unicom

Low voltage generator set KOHLER 400V 2000KVA, 19 in total; KOHLER 400V 1600KVA, 2 in total.

Ⅱ. VNET, Telehouse

In 2012, 4678 Feifan battery in total were sold.

Ⅲ. Huabei Oilfield

Santak module UPS, cabinet and communication cards, bronze medals and so on.

Ⅳ. Legal Evening News

Santak module 60KVA UPS, network adapter SNMP card, battery Feifan 12V-205AH.

Ⅴ. Ningbo and Jiangxi air traffic control

Kohler diesel generator, UPS and maintenance of generator set

Ⅵ. Overseas projects

1. Guinea hospital assisting project

2. Palace of Congo’s president project

3. Chinese embassy in Sierra Leone

4. Equatorial Guinea oil project

5.Chinese Business Office Project in Ghana

6.Niger Bridge Project

7.Mongolia Quality Inspection Center Aid Project

8.Togo Stadium Aid Project