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In terms of high-tech industry, CONCORD Investment Holding Co., Ltd. has built intimate cooperative relationships with Chinese telecommunication industry, finance and insurance industry, electricity industry, transportation industry and many other industries, and has also achieved outstanding results through investment in power technology companies, communication technology companies, network construction companies and so on. These are also the fields that our company first entered.

CONCORD Investment Holding Co., Ltd. invests Beijing TRVOK Service Limited. It is the earliest operator in China that promoted the value-added service of the “Internet+travel” mode in the airport, intended to provide the customers with the convenient travel service in the VIP lounge in airports and high-speed railway stations around the globe. It is one of the largest travel service operators in China.

CONCORD Investment Holding Co., Ltd. started to invest in commercial chain industry in 2004. Cooperation with companies, such as Ajisen Holding Company, French LVMH’s industrial fund, has paved way for its entering chain business, and it has operated several famous brands such as Ajisen Ramen, Crystal Jade Dining. CONCORD Investment Holding Co., Ltd. believes that, commercial chain industry, especially those internationally renowned catering chain industries, will be one of the major investment fields in the next decade. This field will keep the rapid growth with the economic explosion in China!

Based on the principle of strictness and prudence, CONCORD Investment Holding Co., Ltd. selects investment partner strictly across the world. CONCORD Investment Holding Co., Ltd. believes that, through careful argument, the good design, products and management idea of these wonderful partners, together with CONCORD Investment Holding Co., Ltd.’s excellent members of the management team who have a thorough understanding of the characteristics of the Chinese market and the good governmental and commercial relationships, will lead it to great achievement!

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