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Beijing Ajisen Catering Management Limited was established at the end of 2004. Its main business is Japanese fashion leisure restaurants. It is a joint-venture set up by CONCORD Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and Ajisen (China) Holding Company.

Ajisen Ramen was established in Kumamoto in Kyushu Peninsula, Japan in 1968. It claims itself to be “the hero of white soup”. Its special white soup is simmered by pig bones and different kinds of fish bones. The soup has fresh and delicious taste, with large amount of “chondroitin” in it which can promote the body’s absorption and supplement of calcium... With its top-class products and culture of Japanese Ramen, it has opened more than 1000 chain stores around the world. Ajisen adopts unified quality management, and strictly keep the Japanese traditional flavor and detail management.

Ajisen Ramen opened its first store in Hong Kong in 1996. After that, with its rapid growth, it has already had more than 700 branches in more than 10 cities across the country and it is developing at the speed of nearly 100 branches every year. Ajisen (China) Holding Company had their stocks listed on the mainboard on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 30th 2007 (stock symbol HK.00538), 2007becoming the first fast food restaurant chain operator listed in Hong Kong whose base is in the Mainland.