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SOCOMECFounded in 1922, SOCOMEC has always maintained an autonomous design, manufacture and operation platform over the years, it has 15 subsidiaries in the world, five countries have their factories (3 in France, 2 in Italy, 1 in Tunisia, 1 in China, 2 in India), SOCOMEC has become a truly international group. Our development is based on two independent industrial branches: industrial switch and protection system department and uninterrupted power supply department. SOCOMEC has become industry leader and expert in these two areas.

Eatonis a comprehensive power quality and power management solution global leading supplier, consistently providing high level of 9 series products which today's digital economy needs. Based on more than 40 years' reliable performance, deep and detailed understanding of your application, constant technology update and world-class service, Eaton provide the most effective power solution for you.

FIAMMis a global group company, headquartered in Italy, started production and sales of lead-acid batteries since 1942. FIAMM group has eight manufacturing factories in the whole world, employees more than 3000 people, with annual sales of nearly 480 million euros. In countries such as Italy, the United States, China, the Czech republic, FIAMM has valve control type lead acid storage battery factory, specializing in the production of AGM and maintenance-free battery, OPZV tubular gel battery and rich fluid cell. Product series include 2V, 6V, 12V, capacity ranges from 1.2Ah to 3000Ah. Italy FIAMM group invested 10.25 million yuan (us $) in Wuhan, China, built the world's third FIAMM battery professional factories, also established FIAMM battery sales and service network center in China to provide quality services for China customers more rapidly.

Kohler company was founded in 1873, located in the American state of Wisconsin Kohler city, headquarter covers an area of 773000 square meters, with employees more than 17000 people worldwide. The power system and sanitary products are famous in the world, today, Kohler company with its spirit of constantly challenge the limits, to supply the world with the most advanced, most reliable power products, improve the standard of global safety power supply continuously.

SDMOis Europe's largest manufacturer of diesel generator set, muting unit production is the highest in the world. It is one of the two world's diesel generating sets manufacturing which conform to international quality standard of ISO9001, ISO8528. Generator set produced by SDMO has the lowest noise, the smallest and lightest weight compared to the same power set.

Yorkis the world's largest independent HVAC and refrigeration equipment professional manufacturing company, formally established in 1874 in Yorktown in Pennsylvania, United States. Application scope of York products is wide, it can be divided into three types of civil, commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment. York civil equipment provides residential buildings with heater, small totally enclosed compressor and all kinds of window type or split type air conditioner series. York commercial equipment includes a variety of large commercial water chiller, air processor and group control equipment. Industrial refrigeration equipment provides all kinds of screw compressor, refrigeration system, cold storage and frozen food equipment, artificial ice playground equipment. The quality of York equipment has gained trust in the main building from all over the world.

Italy Uniflair companyis professional engaged in precision air conditioning units, water chillers and modular elevated floor design, production and sales, over the years the company provides customers with high quality, high-tech computer room environmental control products. With great efforts, Uniflair has established its leading position in the field of precision air conditioning and modular elevated floor. You can find Uniflair clients such as Microsoft, the Louvre, Philips, Morris and other world-renowned enterprises, as well as famous government agencies such as the European parliament, the kremlin, the United States navy, also more than 90 telecommunications companies throughout the world.

BAC (Baltimore Aircoil Company)founded in 1938, headquarter and main factory are located in the United States in Baltimore, Maryland, is a global leader in the production of heat exchange equipment, it has the world advanced production technology and experiment center of ice storage device, cooling towers, evaporative condenser, industrial heat exchange equipment, to provide excellent quality of a variety of heat transfer products. Due to the rational utilization of saving energy, it has outstanding contribution to environmental protection, BAC therefore become the minority one of enterprise to obtain environmental protection refrigeration and air conditioning industry award. BAC company is a long-term member of association of ARI ice storage department. BAC was the first air-conditioning equipment manufacturing enterprises obtain ISO9001 certification in North America.